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Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Christmas Party Dress

Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Christmas Party Dress

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Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Christmas Party Dress

Special Use: Costumes
Material: Polyester
Gender: Girls
Item Type: Sets
Components: Dresses
Characters: Rainbow Unicorn
Special Use: : Costumes
Components: Dress, Headpiece, Wings, Girls' Dress, Rainbow Unicorn, Party Costume, Summer Dress, Party Dress

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-15 days

Sizing: Kids
Textile Material: 100.0% Polyester


S    height 95-110      chest  53-59   waist  50-56  hips  56-62
M   height 100-120    chest  58-66   waist  54-62  hips  61-69
L    height 120-130    chest  64-72   waist  57-65  hips  67-75
XL  height 130-140    chest  70-78   waist  60-68  hips  73-81



  • Dress
  • Headpiece
  • Wings



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