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Smooth Edge Can Opener

Smooth Edge Can Opener

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Smooth Edge Can Opener

  • 1Pcs Smooth Edge Can Opener Professional Effortless Manual Handy Stainless Steel Can Opener With Easy Turn Knob, can opener locking
  • Openers Type: Can Openers
  • Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Quantity 1pcs

    Estimated Delivery Time: 7-15 days

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    How to Use

    1. Place at the edge of the can.
    2. Turn the knob forward to cut around the can.
    3. Turn the knob backward to easily lift the lid.
    4. The lid will not fall into the can and is smooth without any sharp edges.

    Specification: 20.5*6*4
    Color: Can opener - black, can opener - specification:

    Type Can Opener
    Material Stainless steel, PP
    Quantity 1pcs
    Item Color Black  Red
    Size 20.5*6*4  cm )
    Net Weight 130g

    [Use] Canned food, milk powder cans, milk tea cans, canned condensed milk, cat food, canned dog food. . . .

    Material: High carbon steel cutter wheel (heat treated), feels very good, sturdy, hygienic, durable, and easy to turn the can open handle clockwise, can open the can easily, labor-saving incision complete, no burrs, no harm to the hand, safety high. After the scanning is completed, the can lid will not be deformed, and it can still be returned to its original position. The food is clean and free from dust, insects, and other contaminated foods. The size of the food deterioration product is suitable. It is convenient to carry out camping, picnic, and travel. A must-have product in your life.

    Product performance: can open a variety of cans, and soda lids for outing camping, picnic, travel, and home kitchen use.

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