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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash With Receiving Bag

Hands-Free Dog Running Leash With Receiving Bag

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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash With Receiving Bag

  • The hands-free option of this dog training leash allows you the freedom to exercise at your pace and for your dog to have fun too. It's also very handy because it's very easy to clip and unclip the belt, it's easy to adjust and hand off to someone else. Reflective strip on the waist belt to keep running safely in the night. Comfortable and adjustable waistband
  • This waist training dog leash not only allows you to effortlessly run with her, but it also had the unintended consequence of getting the pet used to walking/running closer to you, It's really freeing to be able to go running and have him by your side while your hands are free.
  • The hands-free dog leash is great because it offers not only a safe and reliable option to hook around the waist, but it also gives the human the ability to hold the dog close to you on the bottom hold or like a normal leash at the top hold
  • It is easy to use, comfortable to wear, great quality with strong material to keep you and your pet safe, your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you.

Estimated Delivery for The USA: 4-13 days

Estimated Delivery TO Worldwide: 4-30 days

  • [ONE SIZE FITS ALL]No matter your dog belongs to small, medium or large size, flea and tick control collar adjustable may fit them properly. Flea and tick prevention collar is designed to 25inch more compatible for all size dogs. Just cut the excess length if the collar is too long for your lovely.
  • [NATURAL AND SAFE] With the composition of natural oils including Eucalyptus and Citronella oil, pet treatment collar do no harm to the health of your dog. Non-chemical composition causes no harm, no irritation to your dog and causes low concentration to your dog. No bad odor to the surrounding environment.
  • [WATERPROOF]Waterproof flea tick collar design is of advantage for a dog to carry out their outdoor activities without any hassle. No need to take off the collar even swimming, bathing, or playing in the rain.

  • 1xset or only dog belt


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